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XL-2000 Kentucky Bluegrass Blend
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Available In

◊ Standard Rolls
10′x2′ rolls (apprx 20 ft²/roll)

◊ Big Rolls:
     • 24" wide (apprx 125 ft²/roll)  
     • 42" wide (apprx 200 ft²/roll)
     • 48" wide (apprx 250 ft²/roll)

◊ Our unique Washed, Soil-less Sod process

Black Beauty Fescue Sod

Black Beauty Fescue Sod  is a blend of 3 different Tall Fescue varieties with 3% Kentucky Bluegrass mixed in to help ware areas and for tensile strength, since Tall Fescue plants have a short rhizomes.

Black Beauty sod

Benefits of Tall Fescue over Kentucky Bluegrass:
  • Drought tolerant because once Tall Fescue matures it roots system could be up to 4’ deep  into the ground which help the plant stay green all season long even without watering
  • Tall Fescue leaf tissue also has a waxy coating to help keep moisture in and reduces foliar feeding insects from feeding on the leaf tissue
 • Tall Fescue thrives in poor soil
 • Tall Fescue has better shade tolerance and will maintain a good quality turf in areas with up to 70% shade

Recommended for Residential and Contractors

XL-2000 Kentucky Bluegrass Blend Sod

XL–2000 Kentucky Bluegrass Blend sod represents our commitment to provide the ultimate bluegrass blend and is perfect for most sod applications.  It has a unique blend of bluegrass varieties selected to be:

H & E Sod XL-2000

• Highly disease resistant 
• Up to 60% shade tolerant
• Dark Green early spring to late fall
• Lush and soft to the touch
• Close knit surface
• Help to keep weeds out

• Requires only 2 lbs N/1000 ft² /season
• Can be maintained under 1"

Recommended for Residential and Contractors

Penncross Bentgrass Sod

Penncross™ Bentgrass Sod has been the standard for creeping bentgrass since 1955. 
It is one of the most specified creeping bentgrasses for golf courses worldwide.

Penncross T Sod

• Widely adaptable and heat tolerant
• Good recoverability from divots, turf injury and ball marks
• Versatile and forgiving under a variety of maintenance conditions
• Plays great in northern or transitional climate zones
• Grown on fumigated native sandy loam soil
• Maintained at two heights 3/16" for greens and 3/8" for fairways
Specialty Grass

Big Roll Cut Sod

H&E Sod offers Big Roll Sod to help reduce installation time especially on large site projects.

Big Roll SodBig rolls are cut and delivered in:
• 24" wide rolls apprx 125ft2 per roll
• 42" wide rolls apprx 200ft2 per roll
• 48" wide rolls apprx 250ft2 per roll
Custom lengths are available
• Big Rolls can be slit in the middle for ease of handling or to meet a special requirement. 

We can provide landscapers with specialized installation equipment including
• WMI Big Machine on tracks
• Brower 24" walk behind
• 3–point hitch for home lawn installation
• For our 42" & 48" we offer 3-point hitch to hook on your tractor

Great for Contractors

BFS 2000 Blue-Fescue Blend Sod

BFS–2000 Blue-Fescue Blend is our special blend of three Kentucky Bluegrasses and three Fine Fescue varieties.

BFS–2000 Blue–Fescue Blend• Thrives in up to 65% shade
• Natural aesthetic transitions from bunker areas to fairways and greens
• Wispy “links look” that is thinner than bluegrass
• Drought tolerant
• Lighter green color accents lush green of bentgrass fairways and greens

 BFS–2000 Blue-Fescue Blend is a perfect turf for low maintenance and light irrigation area making it the right choice for golf course roughs.

Specialty Grass

Penneagle II Bentgrass Sod

Penneagle™ II Bentgrass Sod is an all–purpose, fast growing, dark green turf with upright dense growth.

Penneagle Sod• Medium aggressive growth habit
• Excellent color and good vigor at low N levels
• Fine leaf produces a great surfac
• Broad generic base for greater climatic adaptability
• Bred for disease resistance to dollarspot, brownpatch and snowmold
• Penneagle™ attributes make it perfect for golf course tees and fairways.
• Penneagle™ turf is maintained at 3/8". Specialty Grass

Salt Tolerant Bluegrass Blend Sod

Salt Tolerant Bluegrass Blend Sod is an aggressive growing turf.

Salt Tolerant Blend Sod

This Salt Tolerant sod consists of a blend of two types of tall fescue, red fescue, buffalo grass, fults alkaline grass and bluegrass.
For Professional Use ONLY
• Produces a hardy sod especially tolerant and resistant to road salt

• Thrives in areas exposed to high concentrations of salt
• Primarily used and highly recommended for use on roadsides, highway shoulders, parkways, and traffic areas adjacent to side walks

Salt tolerant sod will eventually yield to standard grass on neutral acid soils.

Specialty Grass

Pennlinks II Bentgrass Sod

Pennlinks™ II Creeping Bentgrass Sod has a finer foliar texture and has less grain than Penncross™ Sod due to its upright growth habit.

Pennlinks Sod• Exhibits high level of performance over large geographic areas
• Excellent disease resistance to dollarspot, leafspot and brownpatch
• Less aggressive than Penncross, but more aggressive than Penneagle
• Excellent color and vigor at low N levels
• Good drought resistance
• Pennlinks™ is maintained at 3/16" for greens and 3/8" for fairways

Specialty Grass

L-93 Bentgrass Sod

L-93 Bentgrass Sod has earned an international reputation as an aggressive, dark green creeping bentgrass

L-93 Sod

• Fine textured leaf
• Dense upright growth creating the perfect lie for a golf ball
• Adapts well to a wide range of mowing heights
• Highly disease resistant / winter hardy
• Maintains color late into the fall
• L–93 Bentgrass Sod is perfect for use on tees, fairways and greens.

 Specialty Grass

Washed Sod

Our unique Washed Sod process, cuts, washes and folds sod.  

Washed Sod
• Affords golf course professionals with a distinct advantage of working with completely washed turf
• Meets all USGA greens specifications.
• Washing the sod makes it possible to avoid an interface problem which causes it not to root properly.
• Our Bentgrass and Bluegrass sods can be delivered as washed...or as traditionally cut sod with the soil in place.
• Ready to install in greens, tees, fairways or roughs anywhere in the country

Specialty Grass